We Street 2016 - Street Photography from around the globe

In this collection of 156 photographs, made by 115 photographers in 36 countries, the viewer is invited into the intimate world of strangers from all walks of life. From New York City to Bangkok, the story which unfolds in each frame is left to your imagination.

WeStreet 2016 is a celebration of life through the lens of light seekers and storytellers.

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Fujilove Magazine September 2016

"Beyond the noise"

These days, the definition of success seems to be the amount of noise you are able to make, the amount of attention you are able to attract. Over the past few years, the most valuable input i have received has come from generous individuals ware not dedicated to the art of noise. They passionately...

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X-T2 on the streets - the first look


As a street photographer, I have always favored the X-T1 over the X-Pro1 and the X-Pro2. I prefer the extended direct controls, a slightly smaller body and the articulating screen. Like all Fujis, once you have the camera set up the way you want it, there is barely need to go back to the menu again. This allows me to....